We work in many industries including home construction, oil and gas, livestock, retail, call center, manufacturing, office staffing, healthcare, distribution, higher education, non-profit, banking, brokerage, real estate, landscaping/irrigation, advertising, and laboratory services.

We provide the technology and tools to enhance the customer experience while supporting your business needs.

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A sales and marketing manager for a national retail chain was spending more time on preparing reports than on driving sales. Automating his report preparation was not within the scope of the company's IT department so he had no other choice than to continue spending two days a week on reports.

Why customize?

4. Our software is often cheaper than licensed software.

3. The new product connects with what you already use.

2. We can adapt the product as business changes.

1. You get exactly what you want.

Business needs often change with new legislation, standardization of practices, new technology, new employees, and additional customers and suppliers. As your business changes and grows, we can adapt your customized services to change and grow alongside you.

We create and tie together web-based, desktop, and mobile applications for a comprehensive connected system. We also specialize in designing mobile versions of our applications for tablet and phone use.

Our software development team is well prepared to provide you with the necessary coding and configuration to best serve your technology needs, whether building an innovative platform or modifying connections to an existing product.

Development Methodology

We practice agile development techniques-directly engaging the client in the assessment of customized software, at 2-3 week intervals during the production process, ensuring the customized product meets the client's unique needs.

Maintenance & Support

We fully support everything we develop at no extra cost. There are no per user licensing fees or monthly service fees. If your requirements ever change, or if you decide that you want to add new functionality in the future, we can develop additions to the system at the negotiated cost.

Connecting your business to clients through your own unique, robust web site is essential in today's economy. In addition to establishing your brand presence on the web through a visually pleasing design, we can customize web tools to maximize client contacts and sales, generate internal documents, track inventory, link to social media feeds, etc.

We want your business to be visible and easily accessible to all.

Today's customers are savvy. While they will often hear your message through traditional media, they are also quick to research your product or service through non-traditional means before even contacting you. "Word-of-mouth" referrals have been replaced by consumer websites, online applications and social media designed to provide almost instantaneous and very specific feedback about your customers' experiences.

We're here to help make managing media less daunting. Whether you are online or not, your customers are! Let us assist you in creating a plan to "handle" the impact of media upon your business, ensuring positive messages attract new customers and expand your customer base.

We analyze your marketing presence, including strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Then, we devise a media plan that will connect you to your desired customers. Your best marketing approach may include social media and positive testimonials connected to traditional media options.

When your company's name is evident in web searches and targeted social media advertising, your company will grow. We will listen to your interests and needs, and build your ads and promotional materials around your company. Advertising approaches and placements will be based on where your potential new customers shop for services and products that you offer.

Ranging from soft skills to computer skills training, our staff is prepared to provide customized training reflective of your unique personnel needs.

Active learning scenarios resulting in practical application of skills assist your employees in improving their performance and productivity.

Training Manuals. Proposals. Product Development Processes. Let us polish your paperwork by applying our technical writing expertise to your written communication needs. We can save you time and money by developing the written product from beginning to end, researching and focusing your message, aligning the written product with industry requirements/standards, and producing a quality, visually pleasing document, report or manual which fulfills your requirements.

You can focus on the big picture, while we prepare or assist your staff in preparing the written material(s). We will complete the process by publishing your final document(s) in print and/or electronic media.

When we do planning, we start by focusing on your company's core purpose. What is it that you most desire for your company? We will provide you with an objective view that you cannot see from your internal viewpoint, and assist you in establishing measureable goals and objectives reflective of your mission and purpose. Together, we will create short- and long term plans that will drive your operation and keep all stakeholders focused on the core purpose of the company.

In addition to connecting your business plan to measurable data which supports the accomplishment of your organizational objectives and goals, we will partner with you to set up a standardized process and policies for maintaining qualitative and quantitative data. Our mutual data-driven planning efforts will result in longitudinal analysis of data which is necessary to ensure long-term company performance and growth.