jon bellah

president & ceo

image1 Jon Bellah has been President and CEO of CompuConcepts,Inc. since its inception in 2000. Jon offers extensive experience in automating business processes, integrating data to report complex information for decision making, and customizing technology solutions for small and large companies in a wide range of industries. Jon's extensive knowledge of programming tools and techniques combined with his ability to implement simple solutions to complex problems ensure that projects will provide maximum return on investment to our clients. His work with multiple company sizes and industries facilitates out-of-the-box thinking to provide creative solutions for clients on the cutting edge of their fields.



What makes your service better?

Business needs often change with new legislation, standardization of practices, new technology, new employees, and additional customers and suppliers. As your business changes and grows, we can adapt your customized services to change and grow alongside you.

How much do you charge?

Our pricing varies with the complexity of the task.We use flat rates instead of hourly rates whenever possible so our customers know exactly what they will pay.We can usually break our larger projects into stages that have their own deliverable results so that new customers are not forced to make a large commitment before testing the quality of our work.In addition, since our work is customized to meet specific needs, our customers can pick and choose the things that will give them the greatest return.

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